Shaping the Landscape for Change.

Shaping public opinion, impacting legislation, and ensuring a place at the regulatory table are critical to the future of the renewable energy and green market sectors. Sunshine State Strategies is dedicated to helping you shape the landscape for success.

We can deliver integrated grassroots campaigns, partnerships and lobbying efforts to facilitate change at the local, state or national level.

Scroll down to learn about our Public Policy Advocacy, Public-private partnership and Government Relations services.

Public Policy Advocacy

In the court of public opinion, the halls of local or state legislatures, and a rapidly changing national regulatory environment, we provide the extra support you need.

We help you stay ahead of the curve and effect positive change while working for the adoption of innovative new products and technologies to address environmental problems and improve consumer health.

Specializing in the environment, energy, agriculture and food policy, our services and expertise includes:

  • Preparing position papers and talking points
  • Training speakers to give testimony
  • Testifying before legislators and commissions
  • Providing updates on regulatory issues
  • Organizing seminars, webinars, panels, etc. with stakeholders, experts and opinion leaders
Coalition Building and Public-Private Partnerships

Often, environmental and economic issues are too large and complex for any one organization or agency to tackle alone. Creating a coalition of stakeholders with similar goals is an effective strategy for optimizing resources and maximizing impact. We have extensive experience in developing and mobilizing grassroots networks of advocates in support of policy goals.

Our team excels at identifying and creating private-public partnerships that support the goals of our clients with new and existing government initiatives. We can provide information on complex policy and federal funding programs that benefit both the public and private sectors.

Our expertise includes:

  • Defining potential partners and value, initiating meetings to determine common interests and receptivity
  • Bringing together key stakeholders to create consensus on critical issues, action plans and collaborative efforts to leverage existing resources
  • Negotiating responsibilities, goals and contracts
Government Relations

With more than two decades of experience, we can provide you with in-depth insight and effective lobbying support to ensure your positions are known to legislators and key committees. We can design a government relations plan to effectively represent your interests and achieve your goals.