Succeeding In the Marketplace.

Does your product have a distinctive identity and compelling promise?

Is it supported by effective market research and strategic planning that will bring it successfully to market?

Sunshine State Strategies provides the energy and expertise you need to plan, implement and prosper.

Market Readiness: Technical and Regulatory Support

Do you have the right market-focused technical data to overcome scientific and legal hurdles and quickly win customers? We work closely with your technical and new product teams to help you get to market faster and more effectively. We can:

  • Perform business plan assessment and market analysis
  • Identify technical and scientific data needs and product expectations of different constituents
  • Define pilot projects that meet the expectations of different industry sectors
  • Engage key influencers for preliminary reviews
Market Research

Market research is important to measure the interests and attitudes of your target audiences, identify trends, and understand purchase behaviors and sales cycles. Quantitative and qualitative research will help you make informed decisions.

Examples of our services include:

  • New product acceptance tests
  • Comparative product and market analysis
  • Client satisfaction and loyalty surveys
  • Focus groups, online surveys
Strategic Planning

We help clients develop and implement strategic business, marketing and communications plans to meet short- and long-range objectives. We work closely with you to define specific goals and measurable outcomes.

Whether you need product and industry-focused plans, or a broad business-building program to advance the knowledge among decision influencers in a key sector, we can deliver.

Branding & Marketing Campaigns

Is your product or corporate brand identity consistent? Is its promise compelling? We add value by analyzing competitors and the marketplace. We talk to employees, customers, investors and prospects. Before we start the creative process, we'll perform the due diligence to understand every facet of the emotional and intellectual relevance of your product. Then, we create the strategic branding, marketing campaigns and tactics to help you succeed.

We can develop integrated programs - drawing upon our B2B and consumer expertise, and provide the following services:

  • Brand and marketing audits
  • Brand identity and collateral development
          - Design - logos and graphics
          - Copywriting
          - Photography
  • Marketing and ad campaigns
  • Co-op Trade promotions
  • Public relations - media and industry
  • Trade Show Support - booth design, marketing, events
  • Video, TV and radio production