Local Government - Going from Good to Great

In today's climate, governments, agencies and municipalities are asked to do more with smaller budgets and fewer personnel. Whether you want to implement a new curbside recycling program, or reduce neighborhood flooding or improve customer relations, Sunshine State Strategies can help.

Enhancing Departmental Effectiveness or Implementing New Programs

On the path to public service greatness, there are many hurdles. We use a multi-level, integrated systems approach which reduces silo thinking and facilitates departmental collaboration. Our process combines internal/external hazard analysis and risk reduction models with a classic strategic strengths and opportunities analysis. We engage managers and staff so they build their capacity to define issues, analyze root causes and identify short-term corrective actions and best practices to improve conditions. Together, we identify employee training needs and support development of informative materials for personnel and subcontractors. We help you speed across the finish line - by working with your communications department, agencies and public-service departments to develop effective citizen messaging and communications.

Effective Public Engagement for Infrastructure Planning.

Many large-scale infrastructure projects -- from mass transportation referendums to new waterfront developments - have been delayed or floundered altogether due to insufficient anticipation of public reaction and outmoded ideas of stakeholder engagement. Your technical and planning staff need someone who understands effective engagement practices and the latest public polling tools and technologies. Sunshine advises local municipalities and planning/design firms about effective citizen/stakeholder engagement and public workshops. We define inclusive engagement strategies that increase the diversity of voices, and support social justice.

Add New Knowledge to Your Team

Sunshine brings a deep understanding of public relations, social dynamics and behavior change. Combined with our passion and knowledge of economic development, energy and water conservation, public art, green spaces, litter reduction and climate change adaptation - we add depth to your talented staff.

Sunshine offers short and long-term outsourced services:

  • Strategic analysis/planning for new programs and services

  • Developing stakeholder and industry collaborations

  • Outreach/communications plans - web, email, social media and traditional methods

  • Market research project management (focus groups, surveys, needs assessments)
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Harness the power of Sunshine for better results and a better world.