Creating a Climate Resilient Organization

Floods, storms, power outages, food shortages, infectious disease, impacted transportation, closed schools - these impacts hurt more than your business. They impact your most precious resource - your employees. Creating a climate resilient organization requires robust understanding of the extended impacts of a major weather event on your workforce.

We can help your HR and operations leaders define your company's unique weather, geographic and infrastructure risks so you can develop more effective emergency preparedness plans to minimize the impact on your people.

Targeted Sector Climate Analysis

If your company needs a targeted analysis of climate change risks (such as extended heat days on a specific crop or region), Sunshine can identify and assemble a team of scientists, experienced industry leaders, NGOs and other experts to help your management team define your risks and plan accordingly.

If you operate in the food processing, agriculture, consumer package good sectors - or municipalities interested in food supply chain regional assessments -- we offer an invaluable integrated perspective.

Socio-Market Research and Engaging Stakeholders

According to McKinsey & Company's fifth annual Global Survey on External Affairs, working with outside stakeholders is a rising priority for company leaders, but organizations still lack the capabilities to succeed.

To be effective, stakeholder engagement strategies should be top business priority, just like new product development. When implemented strategically, the outcomes and your return on investment - are definable.

We offer extensive expertise in developing constituent and stakeholder engagement plans, strategies and messaging on environmental change and other emerging risks. We work closely with your team to define current relationships, dynamics/status and then develop a map for you to engage key stakeholders and groups through a variety of approaches.

If you aren't sure what motivates action, we can develop research strategies to create a nuanced analysis of your target audience's values and priorities. We work with leading companies who've developed effective public engagement tools to support opinion polls, online surveys, focus groups and/or thought leader meetings, as well as engaging large numbers of citizens for public planning workshops.

With our socio-research strategic planning services, our clients -- municipalities, companies and associations - will understand:

  1. How attitudes and values of decision makers influence receptivity to your technical/scientific/economic data and scenarios;

  2. How stakeholders perceive and will respond to locally-specific scientific and economic information;

  3. how to communicate about adaption plans and policy to gain support from diverse audiences;

  4. How leadership makes decision-making tradeoffs about costs, risk and public good for defined adaptation options, or assess their actual willingness to support action or develop policy.