Defining Your Business Opportunity in a Changing Climate

Preparing for the changing climate - compounded by chronic political and global economic change -- requires a truly integrated approach to business. While many businesses and cities are focused on the short-term points of pain (floods, disasters), the first companies to successfully develop innovative services and products which offer positive alternatives will be the global market leaders.

We can help your team develop climate-savvy business development strategies that support the infrastructure, community, and, of course, your bottom line. Our unique strategic planning perspective - honed from working with highly regulated, high risk industries and emerging climate change science - will help you identify the strongest value-creation and market-driven opportunities.

Optimizing Investments. Increasing Returns.

If your company operates in global distribution systems, food, agriculture, engineering, marine or environmental technologies services, we can provide you with an integrated understanding of the short and long-term business opportunities related to climate change.

Having served in key marketing and policy positions for leading associations, agencies and environmental organizations, we leverage our experience to help you.

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