Internet and Database Development

Heinz Petfoods - The Heinz Petfoods "Pets Unleashed" website was a major corporate project that took nearly a year to produce. The site was a central point from which consumers could learn about 10 name-brand pet food lines the company owned. Each brand had its own independent marketing operation, and these had to each be dealt with seperately. The finished website took into account the goals of each product line, plus the overall promotional efforts of Heinz, the parent comapny. This site was constructed in conjunction with J. Walter Thompson advertising in Chicago, whose client is Heinz Petfoods.


Mark One Electric - This website re-design, currently under development, takes into account the many facets of a major electrical contracting company. Mark One has over 60 years of experience handling specialty projects for commercial, industrial and institutional clients, including those concerned with data communications and public entertainment. The site outlines Mark One's noteworthy accomplishments and highlights the skilled expertise required to complete demanding assignments.


Baker University - The challenge in the development of this website was to reach out to alumni and university supporters in a way that would bring them in closer and more consistent contact with the university. The look and feel of the site had to be 'high-touch', interactive, and easily updateable since the content changed frequently. The web pages were planned and created in conjunction with outgoing e-newsletters, so that each newsletter had links back to the new content in the website. Online registration, surveys, online giving via credit card, 'check my employer for matching gifts' link, and Q&A postings were some of the interactive functionalities incorporated into the site. Success was measured in increased traffic to the site and in increased online donations.


Fantastic Places - The Fantastic Places website catalogs and documents a wide variety of location-based items for interested parties to digest. In the travel destination area, it details points of interest in nearly every state in the union. Similarly, the architecture section displays skyscrapers and noteworthy buildings from every major American city. The real estate sampler features photos of private homes and their interiors from around the country. The site is an ongoing project that allows both domestic and foreign visitors to experience the American landscape up-close and in its entirety.


Buying Influence - The Buying Influence website is the virtual 'headquarters' for a grassroots initiative that was started by a dentist in Kansas City, MO. Her passion was to educate consumers about corporations so that they could make more informed choices as the made purchasing decisions, thereby influencing corporations to make more socially responsible business decisions. "We are engineering a new paradigm called 'cause spending', so that with every dollar you spend you can choose to support a company that mirrors your causes and values." This was a start-up, so we helped name the nonprofit, designed the logo, devised the messaging, website layout and all content, wrote the website, created the database technical specs that drove the database of corporations, and handled the press releases. The website also featured threaded discussions, online store and purchasing, and online membership sign up and donations.


Bennett Packaging - The objective in developing this website was to communicate 3 things about the company: 1) the high level of their production abilities, 2) their status as a certified woman-owned manufacturing company, and 3) the fact that they are a 'green' company for many reasons, not the least of which is that their 550,000 square foot facility is located in reclaimed former mining space. Located underground, they have been able to reduce their HVAC energy consumption to near zero since it is a constant 65 degrees at that subterranean level. Also important to their story is that they have always recycled all of their waste manufacturing materials, and over the last decade they increase their post-consumer recycled usage in raw materials each year. The website showcased their capabilities with 7 videos, each about 1-3 minutes in length. The videos also included a testimonial video from a customer and a message from the owner about her company.