Defining Risks and Opportunities.

Sunshine State Strategies LLC offers management consulting services to help clients identify and prepare for the risks and the opportunities of a changing climate. Through our integrated analysis of climate change and business/market conditions, you will know what to do to make your business or city more secure and resilient.

We help private industry, associations and municipalities plan, implement and prosper through strategic market/sector research, stakeholder engagement, technical, /professional education programs and project management. We help communications executives with our target audience value-issue alignment analysis which enhances your traditional and digital media marketing campaigns.

We scale our support in accordance with your needs. If your company needs a targeted analysis of climate change risks (such as extended heat days on a specific crop or region), Sunshine can identify and assemble a team of scientists, experienced industry leaders, NGOs and other experts to help your management team define your risks and plan accordingly.

With Sunshine, you gain the insights, experience and skills of senior-level professionals without the overhead. We invite you to read about our Services and Solutions for Businesses or, Associations or Government. Or contact CJ Reynolds directly at

Let Sunshine help power your resiliency plan.